Cook JobsApple will own the lounge room. Coming home and telling the TV what you want to see or are in the mood for whilst showing you you’re latest emails, tweets and a whole host of things all aggregated into one, as it calls the little Italian down the road and gets you veal and Chianti, books the car into the garage because it’s worried about the oil and battery charge settings. picks the time it will tell you that it might be best to cut one, or two digital  magazine subscription’s, and a trim on movie rentals will help keep you on track for that holiday vacation we know you dream about. Also common place, your heart rate and blood pressure, with a full medical history from conception to date, will be constantly running updates to your DNA coding, as well as the star date of Madame Venus’s birth chart and Karmic influences. Big brother watching, it will be big sister and her name will be Siri. She’ll be all over ALL of it.