Kevin James Dobson

Kevin James Dobson



Director Story

Kevin James Dobson has worked extensively in film and television starting out at Crawford Products in Melbourne. For the last twenty years he has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Mexico and Canada.

Kevin is an acclaimed director, with awards for The Mango Tree, Squizzy Taylor, The Thorn Birds, The Last Outlaw, I Can Jump Puddles, The Virgin of Juarez and others.

While in the US, Kevin directed successful feature films, mini-series, TV movies and series working with top-line actors including Nicole Kidman, Abby Cornish, Minnie Driver, Kim Catrall, Ana Claudia Talancon, Christina Ritchie, Ali McGraw and Kris Kristofferson for such production companies as Universal Studio’s, Warner Bros, Disney, Village Roadshow Pictures NBC, CBS, TNT. Kevin has also worked with several of the great Academy Award winning producers Including Al Rudy, The God Father, Martin Bregman, Scarface,

He has extensive expertise in the new media and understands the great importance placed on marketing and publicity, having worked in advertising and public relations.

Kevin has a thorough knowledge of Hollywood and the inner workings of the major US networks and studios.

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