Is this IT?

Many people are expecting the world to end at the end of this year. If not the end of all life completely, then the end of life as we know it.

Well, I don’t think so. It’s a plain fact that, by and large, in a hundred years time everything that’s living on the planet will be dead. But there will be a whole new batch of life that has come along and replaced it. This is the natural way of life for we humans. Life renews itself whether we like it or not and no one really wants to die. So things are apocalyptic and I am of the opinion that’s why people are always going on that the world is ending. It is in the sense that we all die, but not in the same instance. It also speaks to the fear of dying alone, which of course we must. Perhaps there will be an event that changes life as we know it but that’s not so unusual. The internet has already done that. Along with the wheel when that came along, sea travel, train travel. air travel, the fall of the Berlin wall and many, many more things and events. So just chill, sit back and have  a great 2012, free of fear and certain in the knowledge that yes, one day all this will end, for you and me, in a natural, life renewing way.